Parser Games in the IFComp (OTish stuff about Eastgate)

Probably not suitable for modern Mac hardware, though; a few years back Macs switched to using Intel chips and some applications designed for the previous chips won’t run on Intel Macs. The current version of Storyspace dates back to 2006 so I’m guessing that you need a white plastic MacBook or something to run it.

This thing called Tinderbox from Eastgate seems to have been under development more recently though at that price I’d expect it to make me dinner. Their lead programmer or something seems to update his blog actively but they just don’t seem to update their web pages.

Anyway I’d be curious as to how big a project it’d be to update their stuff so it works on modern computers. I can’t imagine they’re selling Storyspace to anyone, or many of their CD-Roms either (I wouldn’t be optimistic about whether they’d run), but ISTM that their back catalogue would be worth something if it could be modernized and sold at a reasonable price point. But maybe not enough to pay back the costs of that modernization.