Parser game Beta for IFComp needs 1 more tester

I’ve had some testers do a great job finding bugs, but I’d like someone else’s opinion.

The game is a bit puzzle-ish and a bit surreal and hopefully funny too.

I have a full walkthrough and in-game hints, and I find even if someone relies heavily on the walkthrough, they can open up a lot to fix just by trying weird stuff on the way. In fact, I need someone willing to proofread the walkthrough and hints for clarity, etc.

People who worry they might not be good at puzzle games are welcome and encouraged–sometimes you can see areas to clarify that more experienced testers/players would not.

The game might be on the long side, but there are a few warp commands I added late that need testing and would hopefully be fun to poke at.

PM me for the email and dropbox link to my project. Thanks!