parser game (ALAN) needs testing for IFComp

since there’s still such a plenty of time left until the comp deadline, I thought this might be a good time to start asking for beta testers for my comp game. It’s an ALAN parser game, I’ll mail it to you together with the interpreter if you agree to test it a bit for me (ALAN 3 beta 5 is needed). I’ll also include a walkthrough. It’s playable through and shouldn’t have any game-stopping bugs. It’s the kind of game that uses word-play to some extent but not in the usual sense, let’s just say you couldn’t program this in Twine etc. It’s puzzle-heavy, not so much a story game. No stress if you cannot test it very thoroughly, I’ll appreciate all efforts. Could you please send your report by 20.00 GMT tonight.

Okay – I’m sorry – I just have to ask: Was this a joke of some sort?

It was not a joke - save for the obvious sarcasm in the post about there being a lot of time left. I was just hopelessly late with my project - and as it turned out that, understandably, no-one turned up to beta-test in the last minute, that game won’t appear in the comp. You’ll hear about it later.

Gah, I’m sorry - was busy with beta-testing and own entry - if you need testers at some point in the future, I don’t mind!

Thank you, Verity :slight_smile: Best luck to your game in the comp!

Hey AnssiR,

Just wanted you to know that I wasn’t trying to be rude — I actually thought your OP was in jest. I do thank you for deciding not to enter the comp with an untested entry.

Although I’ve been away for a while, my recollection is that there are usually an annoyingly large number of untested games entered. This is almost certainly due to the fact that projects generally take way longer than you think they will; but, unfortunately this also results in sub-standard works being entered. Emily Short instituted a personal rule about this way back here. To paraphrase, “If you don’t list any testers, I’m not reviewing your game.” I’m seriously considering adapting that policy to include “I’m not playing your game” — but we’ll see.

Right now I’ve got 58 — no wait, 57 — works to judge, so I can’t offer my beta-testing services. After the comp is over and I’ve decompressed a bit, I would be willing to test your IF. Depending on the state of the game, you might be able to make Spring Thing.

Keep at it,

Thank you Mike! Don’t worry, I can understand why my post seemed to be in jest. Yes, I already thought about entering my game in the Spring Thing and that’s what will probably happen. I’ll remember your offer to test the game, I appreciate it.

Yes, now, let’s dig into the comp games :mrgreen:

PM me if you still need a tester. I can start on it today.