Parser Comp 2021 - On Final Approach

Parser Comp 2021 is turning Final and is ready to land.

Please consider rating one of the least rated games. Or any game for that matter. :slight_smile: (Games that have been played and rated the least number of times.)

Thank you


I’ve rated the games I didn’t test. But I forget if we’re allowed to rate games we tested. There are arguments for or against it. And the arguments against it may be hard (“don’t do it, period, too much meddling”) or soft (“don’t do favors for friends, but if you can be objective, go for it.”)

The IFComp rule of not rating games you tested is a good one for an established competition. I’m just not sure how that jibes with making sure games get votes in a less established (yet) competition than IFComp.

BTW, potential voters, if you don’t feel your vote is informed enough, don’t worry about it. I find even following a walkthrough gives me a general idea of what to do. I just save regularly and poke around in weird areas, and I have a general idea of how robust the world is.

One question for the organizer: would you consider expanding the deadline by 24 hours? This would help people have the full weekend (when they’re most likely to have free time) to play those last few games.


A weekend sounds reasonable and I don’t think it would give anyone an edge.

I will see what I can do. ?

PS. If I don’t get a negative reaction from others, that is.


Oh, this is a good question! I didn’t see a prohibition in the rules so I went ahead and rated the games I tested, since I assumed the IFComp rules would be the default and a departure from them would be intentional. And I did my best to be, if not objective, then at least consistently subjective with how I rated the other games. But if that was an oversight, would be good to know so I can remove my ratings (assuming that’s something you can do in itch?)

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I just reviewed the rules as published in the Parser Comp page. There is no prohibition listed prohibiting beta testers from rating games.

Based upon the lack of prohibition, I do not see a problem.

I do expect any individual that rates a game to be as objective as possible.


Several requests have been made to extend the Parser Comp judging period to include the weekend. At this point there have been 269 ratings. With that many ratings, I do not believe that additional ratings would be likely to harm the submitted game ratings.

Having heard no objection, I have extended the rating period until Monday, August 2, 2021.

Thank you


As player, tester and author, I have no objection to play testers rating games, providing the rating is based on the published game and not their memory of the test game, as this will mostly have been improved since they originally played it.

I know that I replayed any games that I had tested and based the rating on that. It’s actually quite interesting to see whether your reported errors have been corrected and suggestions adopted. Sometimes they have, sometimes they haven’t.


Hey everone. I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone who has played my entry. I realise that I probably haven’t been a very good comp participant: I haven’t played nearly as many other entries as I would’ve liked, and my replies to everyone’s feedback have been terse at best.

You might have heard about the recent floods in western Germany and other parts of Europe, and ever since that happened my schedule has been rather more packed than I could have dreamt of just three short weeks ago. I promise I’ll look at everyone’s feedback in detail once the situation calms down again.

(Pre-emptive Note: Luckily I don’t live in the affected area, but close-by enough for the relief organisation I volunteer with to be semi-permanently engaged there :rescue_worker_helmet:. So no need to worry about me.)


10 hours left to judge/rate a game in Parser Comp.

77 new ratings have been entered over the weekend bringing the current total to 346. The least rated game has 11 ratings and the most rated game has 27 with an average number of ratings of 19.

What a great response! Final results and a breakdown will be available by tomorrow.

Adam’s Parser Comp has been a great success!