Parkour? (Adv3Lite)

Ohhhhhh I might have misunderstood you before.

So you mean pathfinding will only use nodes that the player has climbed before? Because I have a system where players need to inspect objects to create parkour opportunities (unless they use a very explicitly-clear parkour command to test it).

So what you mean is that for pathfinding, you need to not only know the route, but you have to walk through it manually first? That would make a lot more sense.

I was also considering borrowing a note from the GOTO command and making it so auto-parkour is a unique command that does things in stages, which the player must accept with the CONTINUE command. Part of this would also tell the player what the next step in the route would be, in case the player would rather do something else.

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Yeah. First time through you get no pathfinding or only pathfinding up to but not across the “problem” area (if the path goes through a minefield, pathfinding will take you to the edge of the minefield but not through it).

Then if you successfully traverse the “problem” area, the path you used is now available for automatic pathfinding subsequently. That could be by explicitly storing each step (which might be needed if backtracking is part of the puzzle) or just flagging the individual locations/platforms/objects/whatever in the problem area to indicate that they’re available for use in pathfinding.


Ohhhhhhhh, okay! Yeah! I might also do a thing where if routes change, then it resets their availability for pathfinding as well.

Will be making notes for version 2.0!

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Okay, in the interests of SpringThing time budgeting, I’ve simplified parkour pathfinding, and moved a few other things over to the “2.0 wish list”. This is a problem for future-me!

Parkour 1.0 is now 83% complete!!

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I am so close to being done.

I’m maybe 98% done. I have to get some sleep. There’s maybe 2 hours of coding left. I cannot believe I didn’t get the whole thing done tonight.

So close.

But if I don’t sleep, then certain people will be grumpy with me.




If anyone can help me out, by the way, I posted a question about screen reader accessibility, for this extension’s route listing menu. I’d appreciate knowing how screen readers might work with this, as I’m using @blindHunter’s For Everyone extension.

Also, I generally try to lean as hard as I can into screen reader support, as I am passionate about game accessibility as a whole.


I’m probably way too late for this, but if you make this a module, I will absolutely use it — in currently beginning work on a game (in adv3Lite) where parkour would make a lot of sense and add a lot to the world, so it’d be really cool to have already built!


Yay!! :grin:

Once SpringThing is over, I’m going through my game code and I’m gonna start with the parkour module. I still have some messy connections between it and other stuff, but once I get everything neat and tidied up, I’ll write up documentation for it and let you know!

For what it’s worth, I’ll probably start the process in May, because SpringThing has taken so much outta me. I’m probably going to turn to goo when April 2nd arrives, lol! :melting_face:

But once it’s ready to be used in other projects, I’ll make sure to tag you!


Thank you! And yeah, be sure to take care of yourself first, I’m not in any hurry. :smiling_face: (I’m actually slowly recovering from post concussion syndrome, so most days I can only work for a few hours, and some days I’m taken out entirely).


You take care, too! Concussions are no joke!!
(Though you certainly knew that already!)


Okay, so you might have noticed it’s October 2023, lol.

Uhhhhhh mental health has been abysmal for the past couple of months, lol.

But also, I’ve been looking over the parkour system in I Am Prey, and realizing that a lot of its mechanics are very specific for that one game, and it might be better to make a module that is a lot more general-purpose.

So…it’s gonna be a while. I am really trying to hold on, so priorities are just being an issue and causing delays with parkour, lol.