Parchment with transcript issue

Hi there, anyone out there installed parchment with transcript?

I installed it on my web host and it is working fine mostly, however, I can’t seem to pass a story file to it through the URL. No matter what I do it seems to use the default story. If I remove the default story then it can’t find any file. I have verified that my files are accessible, because I can pass their urls to iplay and they run fine.

Any trick I’m missing? I feel like it is just a server setting or script configuration or access rights or something small like that?

Example here. Both of these links play the same “default” specified story:

Thanks for any assistance in advance.

You need to change the settings in this file:

Oh wow, that was it. I just had to turn the off lock_story boolean variable. I thought I looked at those variables but I guess I didn’t read closely enough. Thanks again. Now it works perfectly!