Parchment usage graph


This is the effect of the comp on Parchment’s proxy! We’re currently at 2.5 requests a minute. But we can handle 5 times as much, so keep inviting everyone to play the comp online!

(I’m not sure why the last part is darker… I think the further you go back in time the less detailed the stats are. They must smooth it out more.)

And this is what happens when Jay is Games writes about the comp!


And the next graph shows the quota denials… sorry everyone who was affected. I’ve enabled paid billing for the proxy, hopefully we won’t have any more problems again!


That upward slope that comes before all the zig-zags — does it represent a slower sampling rate or does it represent actual less variability in the data compared to what comes afterward? If it’s the latter, I wonder why.

BTW thanks so much for doing that, I hope it’s not too expensive!


I think for the past day they sample it at 5 minutes but then drop it to an hour for anything older than a day. “Past day” meaning billing days, which had only been 13 hours at the time of this graph. The slope represents Jay is Games’ readers slowly finding out about the comp.

Well so far I think it’s cost me 1 cent, so yeah, not actually a problem so far.