Parchment-transcript hosting

I’m getting ready for alpha testing of my WIP and I thought it would be nice to use Parchment-transcript to collect transcripts. But I see that it needs a server running MySql, which I do not have. Is there any shared location where Parchment-transcripts could be collected, or is anyone interested in setting one up? I think it would be an awesome service for the community if anyone were willing and able to maintain it.


For anyone else who needed more background, I’m referring to Juhana’s tool, located here:

I’d love to see big sites like ifdb implementing something like this, so authors of just about any game can look at transcripts of people playing their games, if they wish to have that set up. Maybe not ifdb, though, because it’s more useful before release than after.

When I get the time I’d like to incorporate it into Parchment itself.

That’s great news! I look forward to it.

Hmm… Dannii, I’m looking forward to it even more now that I’ve noticed Parchment-transcript doesn’t work for Glulx. Are there any alternatives, or do I need to trim another 37K off my WIP so I can test it this way?

I thought it did support Glulx… better ask Juhana about that.

The public version supports only Z-code at the moment, but I’ve already added the Glulx support. It’s having problems saving one-character input and it’s making too many individual calls per turn to the server at the moment, so I haven’t made it public yet before those are fixed. If neither of those are a problem for you I can upload the current version. Saving the story text and normal line input works ok.

I’m not using single-character input, and slow would be better than nothing at all. I tried getting my WIP down to z8 size but I’m still 6K over. So yes please, I’d love to try the latest version.

Does anybody have tips on locating the sources of bloat in an I7 project?

I’ve now uploaded a version that supports Glulx, with the caveats mentioned above. Extra requests to the server should not have any effect on the game’s speed on the player’s side and unless you have hundreds of players playing at the same time it shouldn’t be a problem on the server side either. Download here:

If you need help installing or encounter any bugs, let me know!

It’s working great on Mac and Windows XP, but it doesn’t seem to do anything on Windows 7/IE8 - it just displays a static page linking to Parchment. Is there an easy fix?

This seems to be a bug in Parchment (or in IE8), even the vanilla version at acts the same. Removing the words “defer” from the script tags in index.html seems to fix it. You can also download the fixed file from here (right click -> save as) and replace the old index.html with it.

I’ll report the bug.

Seems to be working fine in IE9 on a local and remote install.