Parchment problems with z5 game

I’m having problems getting a PunyInform z5 game to run on Parchment using the iplayif link. Everything is displayed up to the first prompt, except for the statusline, and it won’t accept any input. I tried it in Chrome and Firefox, on Windows 10.

PunyInform doesn’t do any weird tricks with input. It’s just a Z-machine read instruction. It doesn’t do any weird statusline stuff either, but maybe I don’t know what Parchment considers weird.

Zork 1 Solid Gold, another z5 game, works fine. It shows the statusline and accepts input.

Anyone got an idea what could be going on?

this could be the same problem or related to this: Parchment broken by split screen from scott2zil

I have the same problem with z5 READ from ZIL. You can see it, for example, here - Werner's Quest - Details [press the play-on-line, then start the InvisiClues by typing HELP].

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That’s probably it.

We use @split_window 1; to setup the statusline, and I see no sign that anything after that works.

I disassembled Zork 1 SG, and it looks ot me like we’re doing exactly the same things to start printing on the statusline:

split_window 1;
set_window 1;
set_cursor 1 1;
set_text_style reverse;

And yet Parchment shows the statusline for Zork 1 but not for my PunyInform game. :thinking:

Does it work properly in Lectrote?

And yeah, I think it’s trying to read in the upper window. That wasn’t supported in the old IO system.

The code on is super old, I haven’t updated it in a long time sorry. I’ll try to make more progress on it today.


Another guy just tried the current Parchment from Github, and it worked perfectly.

The PunyInform code definitely switches back to window 0 before asking for input.

As long as it works in the current version, I’m happy. An update of iplayif would if course be most welcome.

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I’ve been having some trouble using the Infodoc invisiclues through Maybe it’s related to this topic?

For example:

It works fine for a while, but then the interface slows down and it becomes unusable.