Parchment page bouncing

I downloaded a local copy of Parchment from github, but it seems that every time a command is given the page jumps to the beginning where it stays until all the text has been printed and another prompt appears. This is usually just a quick flash but especially in I7 games where printing the response might take a bit longer the jump is noticeable and quite annoying to the point where it makes the game unplayable. This doesn’t happen with the version that’s in Google Code. Is there a quick fix for this or does someone have any pointers on where to start looking for the problem?

Yeah… I just haven’t fixed that bug yet. Thanks for the reminder.

Do you have any idea what might cause it? I’d be very interested in fixing this (and then sharing the fix, of course.)

Looks like the _scrollBottomWindow function in web_zui.js tries to scroll the window to a position determined by _lastSeenY, which I assume is supposed to be the screen’s height during the last turn so that if the text is longer that one screenful it doesn’t scroll to the bottom but only one screenful down. It seems the bug is that _lastSeenY never updates and is always 0, so _scrollBottomWindow actually scrolls to the top of the window. The function wouldn’t work as intended anyway because the focus is then returned to the text input field which scrolls the screen to the bottom. I solved the problem temporarily by replacing _lastSeenY with 100000 which scrolls the screen all the way down.