Parchment broken by split screen from scott2zil

Parchment (specifically the IFDB auto play-online) appears to break on the split-screen approach taken by scott2zil. Notably, although the game loads fine to the generic splash screen, when the player hits enter and the split-screen begins, the screen goes blank.

Regular ratty old frotz doesn’t seem to mind the split-screen approach. Is there something unique and exotic that @heasm66 has overlooked in his split-screen approach? Or is this an interpreter-side problem?

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The ZIL-source code is here (not with Ghost King, but Adventureland instead).

The ZIL-code is then compiled to Z5 with ZILF 0.9.

I runs fine in these z-machines (the ones I have on my machine currently):

Windows Frotz 1.21
WinFrotz 2.32
Nitfol 1.11

It also works fine in Lectrote 1.3.5 (testing in a little bit more modern interpreter).

If it works fine in Lectrote then that just means it’s only broken in the old code of I will be updating it soon, I promise!

Thanks. I’ve changed the filetype on IFDB for now so that it doesn’t generate the auto-link for Play Online.

Ah, and by looking at the error, I can see that it does do something rather exotic: request input in the upper window. That is supported in the newer GlkOte version of ZVM found in Lectrote, and will be supported in the IFComp etc.


This is probably related, but the in-game hint system in this game doesn’t work (parchment doesn’t react to the keypresses). The code for the hint-system is directly lifted from Infocom’s Hitchhikers Guide (gold version) so probably wouldn’t they work either.

I tried playing the game above (online) on ifdb and the problem is still there. Is parchment updated yet, or is there an error in the code?

The source code is here (ZIL, then compiled with ZILF 0.9).

Not yet, is still using the old code.

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Thank you! I just need to be patient.