Parchment and (relative) permanence of save files?

Hi all, I’m working on an I7 game that uses Erik Temple’s Inline Hyperlinks and Glulx Input Loops in combination with Jon Ingold’s Flexible Windows in an attempt to have a purely mouse-driven interface (attempting a framework for a CYOA/RPG hybrid).

The only interpreter that gets everything right both formatting and mouse-only-usability (not requiring an enter or spacekey to advance text that’s longer a window for example) is Parchment. This is great in terms of making the eventual real game easily available to people, but the one thing I worry about is the save files.

In my tests with on PC Firefox, parchment save files seem to remain even if I clear both cache and cookies. But is this true for most of the browsers Parchment supports? I know you can’t have absolute guarantees when you’re not allowing the user to store a save file in OS-sactioned desktop directories, but I’d want to know if in general a user could expect save files to safe for long-form games that were Parchment-only.

I also see that there’s a branch for Parchement with offline support, which might alleviate this concern? I had trouble running it after downloading from github, however.

Parchment just includes Quixe, so you should be safe because it’s using local storage. You may want to consider using Quixe directly though because not all the stuff works correctly in Parchment.

Ah, great!

Interesting. So I’ve just been testing by using “Release along with an interpreter.” Should I instead put the “template package” from here in Materials/Templates/Quixe and use “Release along with the “Quixe” interpreter.” ?

“Release along with an interpreter” uses Quixe directly; you don’t have to name it. But installing the template package from my web site will give you a more recent version.

Thanks - I have it set up using the newest version of Quixe now.