Parchment and "Output Filtering"

I made a brief game using Ron Newcomb’s “Output Filtering” extension (which allows one to directly manipulate the game’s output before it gets printed to the screen, and does a bit of its own grammar/linespacing-tidying). It works fine in Zoom and Spatterlight, but when I tried playing it via Parchment, all the line breaks show up as asterisks, like so:

(That’s … /Sugar.z8# in case you’re curious.)
Compiling to glulx and playing it with Quixe works fine as well. ( … er=Play+it! )

So it seems that the problem is somewhere in the interaction between the output filtering and Parchment – possibly the extension is replacing line breaks with a different character that Parchment doesn’t recognize? Is there anything I can do about it?

This is an old Parchment bug, having to do with writing newlines to a memory stream. It’s fixed in the Parchment source repository.

I’m not sure what the easiest way is to get it into your web site, though. (My Parchment web sites aren’t generated directly from I7; I hacked them together long ago and update them irregularly.)

Oops, I didn’t know it wasn’t up to date! I’ve just updated it now.

Excellent, thanks!