Parchment and IE8

I think I’ve seen references to this issue before, but I’m looking for some concrete “what to I do” suggestions.

I’ve never been able to play any game online which uses Parchment. Generally, I get a “Parchment is loading” screen, and then nothing more happens. I’m using IE8.

Is there anything that I can do on my end to make this work, or does it have to do with the way the game is set up by the author? Thanks, and apologies if I’m covereing ground that has already been answered.

Robert Rothman

Any special reason why you haven’t downloaded and tried Chrome, Firefox, or Opera?

You’re probably getting errors. I’m not able to check it quickly now, so can you check for errors?

I’ve found the bug and will try to fix it asap.

Jim, given my lack of technical knowledge, I tend to stick with the basics rather than risk screwing something up. I don’t like Microsoft any more than the next guy, but (except for Parchment) their browser works and is safe.

Danii, thanks.

Robert Rothman

Technical knowledge is not required to install a browser.

Folks, given that (1) a bug was reported and (2) therefore Dannii found it and (3) he’s fixing it, can we regard this as a successful outcome and not start lecturing the reporter? We don’t want to discourage this sort of thing.

Agreed. I wasn’t attempting to lecture. The subtext of my comment was that I’ve often read that IE has non-standard features in HTML and Javascript, so I was sort of assuming the problem was originating in IE, not in Parchment. But if it’s now fixed, that’s groovy.

This is turning into a bigger headache than I expected (and it mustn’t have been working in IE8 for a long time.)

IE8 doesn’t iterate (in a for in loop) for toString properties. There are a few ways around this, but I don’t know what the simplest and cleanest will be. … -statement

Bugs are fixed and uploaded, finally! If you have more problems please do tell me. :slight_smile:


Robert Rothman