Pairs of games with contrasting viewpoints

I’ve played through a few sets of games recently that covered the same topics, but from very different viewpoints. Here are a few pairs of games I’ve found (some early, mild spoilers for games):

The Chinese Room:

A game about philosophical thought experiments, including many about rationalism vs. religion, with rationalism usually winning out.

Compared to:

Square Circle:

An escape-the-prison game that is largely about rationalism vs. religion, with rationalism not doing so well.

Another where the two viewpoints sometimes overlap, sometimes contrast is:


You are a doctor that gives mercy killings to patients. Grungy, deranged atmosphere.

Compared to:

The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M:

You play through the afterlife of a doctor that also performed mercy killings, trying to interpret what happened. Clean, fantasy atmosphere.

For some humorous games, there’s:


Get out of the jail cell the Screaming Communists put you in.

Compared to:

The People’s Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game:

Spread glorious communism to the deluded capitalists.

Can you all think of any other pairs that look at issues from opposing viewpoints?

If you want to be literal, “Zork” and “Troll’s Eye View”, “Wumpus” and “Hunter, In Darkness.”

Broadly, you could also see “Colossal Cave” and “Janitor.”

There’s many, many IF games that start off looking like a homage to tradition, and then they take a gigantic left turn. “Shrapnel” sticks in my mind as one.