"Pageant" - dendry CYOA game

Hello! I’ve written a choice-based interactive fiction called Pageant.

Blurb from itch.io:

Your name is Karen Zhao, and you’ve just been signed up by your parents for a beauty pageant. You’re not ready, not even close, but you don’t have a choice. But perhaps you can make the best of it. Maybe it’s the one opportunity to make a “hook” for your college application. Maybe you can reinvent yourself, get rid your anxiety and become someone new. Or maybe you can find true love (or some approximation thereof).

Pageant is mostly a slice-of-life story with some dating sim-like elements.

Possibly of interest: this is, as far as I know, the only game to have been written from scratch using the dendry engine. I was heavily inspired by Bee by Emily Short (both in terms of story and mechanics), which is where I got the idea to use dendry. I actually had to make some changes to dendry to fix bugs and get some basic features (such as string variables) to work.