Ozmoo Release 8

We have just published Release 3 of Ozmoo, the free Z-code/Infocom interpreter for the C64. Compared to Release 2, which came out in June 2019, this release has:

  • Darkmode - a secondary, configurable, colour scheme (Player hits F1 key to toggle).

  • A configurable splash screen just before the game starts.

  • Support for four new languages. Apart from English, Ozmoo now supports Italian, Danish, Spanish, French, German and Swedish.

  • Many bugfixes.

For more details, read the release notes at Releases · johanberntsson/ozmoo · GitHub

There is a full presentation of the project on the homepage at GitHub - johanberntsson/ozmoo: A Z-machine interpreter for the Commodore 64 and similar computers

The easiest way to use Ozmoo to build games for playing on a C64 or emulator is by going to Ozmoo Online: Ozmoo Online . This web page has received many enhancements as well.


Merry christmas, Ozmoo Release 5 is out!

What it is: A Z-code interpreter for C64 (and more, read below!)

What’s new since Release 4: LOTS of changes, but the biggest news:

  • Support for C128 (80 and 40 col, 2MHz when possible, 1571 drive)
  • Support for Plus/4 (+ C16 w/ 64K)
  • Support for Beyond Zork on C64, C128 and Plus/4
  • Progress bars while the game loads data into REU or RAM
  • Better control over preloading (parts of the story which are loaded before the game starts, to get less pauses for disk access during gameplay)

Read what changed: https://github.com/johanberntsson/ozmoo/releases

Try it out: http://microheaven.com/ozmooonline


Steve Flintham has done an amazing job of porting our Z-code interpreter Ozmoo to Acorn computers. Ozmoo for Acorn supports various Acorn computers, a co-processor, sideways RAM, shadow RAM, multiple screen modes… Impressive stuff!

You can find it at Ozmoo for Acorn | zornslemma.github.io


Ozmoo Release 6, Z-code interpreter for C64, C128 and Plus/4 is out!

Highlights of this release:

  • Command history (use cursor keys at prompt)
  • Selectable input text colour
  • New font included: Clairsys Bold, by Paul van der Laan (used in image below)
  • Faster & with less bugs

Read more and download at Releases · johanberntsson/ozmoo · GitHub

Use online at Ozmoo Online


Ozmoo Release 7 is out!

Ozmoo, as you may know, is a Z-code interpreter, originally written for the Commodore 64. In December 2020 we announced support for C128 and Plus/4, and there is also a version for Acorn/BBC.

Big news: You can now build games for the MEGA65! (Porting credits: Paul Gardner-Stephen)

Also: Score/Moves in z3 statusline are now printed separately on 80 column screens (MEGA65 + C128)

Read more and download it at:

[Releases · johanberntsson/ozmoo · GitHub]

Use Ozmoo Online to build games using Ozmoo:

[Ozmoo Online]

Picture: Ozmoo 7 live on a MEGA65 devkit.


We have just released Ozmoo 8, our Z-code interpreter for Commodore 64, 128, Plus/4 and MEGA65.

The biggest news: Optimizations to make Ozmoo crazy fast on MEGA65, meaning you can definitely play large Infocom and Inform 6 games.

Note: Some large games have too much dynamic memory and can’t be played for that reason, and Inform 7 games are still out of the question.

Read release notes and download: Releases · johanberntsson/ozmoo · GitHub

Use online: Ozmoo Online


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