Ozmoo Release 3

We have just published Release 3 of Ozmoo, the free Z-code/Infocom interpreter for the C64. Compared to Release 2, which came out in June 2019, this release has:

  • Darkmode - a secondary, configurable, colour scheme (Player hits F1 key to toggle).

  • A configurable splash screen just before the game starts.

  • Support for four new languages. Apart from English, Ozmoo now supports Italian, Danish, Spanish, French, German and Swedish.

  • Many bugfixes.

For more details, read the release notes at https://github.com/johanberntsson/ozmoo/releases

There is a full presentation of the project on the homepage at https://github.com/johanberntsson/ozmoo

The easiest way to use Ozmoo to build games for playing on a C64 or emulator is by going to Ozmoo Online: http://microheaven.com/ozmooonline/ . This web page has received many enhancements as well.