Ozmoo - A Z-machine interpreter for the Commodore 64


Thanks, I’ll try to understand all this.

92 \
94 ^
96 ‘
123 {
125 }
126 ~

124 and 125 seem to be the same characters.


Thank you!

None of these characters exist in PETSCII, so we can’t show them unless we embed a custom character set. What we can do though, is map them for output to similar-looking characters.

We have already done this for two characters, character 95 (underscore) and character 124 (pipe). The pipe-like graphic character is in fact located at code 125 in PETSCII, so yes, 124 and 125 are currently the same character when printed.

EDIT: Added mappings for these characters. I suggest you PM me if you have further problems getting French characters to work. Hopefully I can update the docs to make it easier for the next person giving it a go.


I noticed this guy was porting zeugma to the bbc micro and I was wondering if you guys were thinking of porting ozmoo to the beeb as well.

github.com/hexwab/zeugma (it’s 3 years since it has seen dev)


There are of course several possible future ports.

We have listed a number of alternate versions we might want to make, but haven’t discussed priorities.

There is a guy who has shown interest in porting it to the PET. The code is there, for anyone who wants to have a go at creating a Beeb version too.