Owl Consults - Thomas Mack, Nick Mathewson, Cidney Hamilton

I have posted a review and transcript:


  • Jack

Overall, playing this game was a delightful experience. I just had a couple of issues: One, I completely missed the trapdoor in the aquarium and assumed that the aquarium had spent its purpose as a tutorial room. As a result, I spent half an hour looking for the darned trapdoor the help section kept talking about. Two, I did not have enough time before the reactor exploded to save Dirk. The turn right after he jumped, he’d die by explosion. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but I suspect that my raising and lowering the control rods earlier (and leaving the rods raised for many turns) somehow affected the timer. Other than that, it was very well done.

So I did review this game as part of my massive YouTube review collection. Honestly if I had it to do over again I would have done 80 separate reviews. The link is:


Owl Consults can be found at timecode 26:08


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