Overrun - a cyberpunk RPG

Hi everyone. I’m making a cyberpunk RPG based on Shadowrun using SugarCube. It’s actually a remake of the first game I ever made, back in 1996, using QBasic. It will feature procedurally generated missions and systems to hack, a map which you can click on to move, 15 different up-gradable programs, story missions with the original ending, plus a new ending. It’s progressing, but I’m accepting help. I will need someone to revise the English version.


Hi there Janos! I haven’t had a lot of free time to mess around with Sugarcube lately, but I would be happy to help you with whatever you need!

Let me know whenever you need it.

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Thank you. I will need help with the English version. I’m making a Portuguese version first.

I’d love to help, chummer! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing the English version once it’s ready.

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After 3 years, it’s ready: Overrun - English version by Janos Biro

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