Out of Memory error

I’m trying to run some I7 code (around 557 words at this point), and am being told, after a successful compile:
Fatal Error, Store is out of dynamic memory
Any idea as to why this is?

If it is only 557 words, could you post the story? (Or locate what phrase is causing this – probably the last thing you added, if you compile after every addition. Which you should :wink: )

Sure! Here it is:

[code]“Hard Landing” by Leo Tindall.
Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.

[---------------RULES AND TEXT SUBS--------------------------------------------------------------]
To say placeholder text: say “[red letters][fixed letter spacing]Placeholder text. If you’re seeing this, either you’re a playtester, or this is a bug.[variable letter spacing][default letters]”.
Understand the command “access” as “open”.

[---------------INITIAL STATE DECLARATIONS------------------------------------------------------]
The carrying capacity of the player is 3.
Use MAX_SYMBOLS of 50000.

[---------------INTRO MESSAGE---------------------------------------------------------------------]
When play begins:
center “Subject: [blue letters]Eve Jakobson.[default letters] [line break]
Date: [blue letters]January 9, 2106.[default letters] [line break]
Vessel: [blue letters]United Nations Interstellar Command: Operations/Research/Navigation (UNICORN) Starship [italic type][green letters]Golden Hind[blue letters][roman type].[default letters] [line break]
Location: [blue letters]Somewhere in the Sagittarius Arm, Milky Way (Gal000).[default letters] [line break]
Vessel Status: [line break]
[fixed letter spacing][red letters]ALL SYSTEMS FAILURE[default letters][variable letter spacing][line break][line break]”.

Chapter 1 - Egress

Cockpit is a room. “The cockpit is bathed in the light of twin suns. [if unvisited] You sit strapped into a chair facing what was once a console, but is now no more than a molten pile of slag. [otherwise] The console in front of you is a molten pile of slag. [end if] To the north is a sparking, broken door, open just enough to allow you egress.”

Upper Deck is north of Cockpit. “The upper deck of the craft is covered in debris, much of it useless. To the south lies the cockpit. To the north is the engine room.”
Broken Rebar is here. “A piece of [bold type]broken rebar[roman type] lies, discarded, on the ground.” The description of the broken rebar is “It’s a broken piece of steel rebar, used to reinforce things. The end looks quite sharp.”
Compressed Air Can is here. “On the ground lies a [bold type]compressed air can[roman type]. It is of the kind used to clean things that cannot handle water, or to remove small obstructions from electronic I/O ports or power ports.” The description of the Compressed Air Can is “A compressed air can of the kind used to clean things that cannot handle water, or to remove small obstructions from electronic I/O ports or power ports.”
Before taking something while the player is in Upper Deck: say “[blue letters]You only have a carrying capacity of three; once you go over, you’ll drop things! So don’t try to hoard. (You can manually drop items with [italic type]drop item name[roman type].[default letters]”.

Engine Room is north of Upper Deck. “This is the engine room. Unfortunately, the engines have been destroyed, ground against a granite cliff, which now composes much of the south wall. The [italic type]Golden Hind[roman type] is grounded. [line break]To the south lies the upper deck. To the east lies the Lower Deck. [if Lower Deck Door is closed][line break]However, the Lower Deck door is closed. The controls are inoperable, probably due to an I/O port blockage on the left side. You’re going to need someting to clean them with; try anything but water, because that’ll just short them out![line break][line break][blue letters]NOTE: You don’t have to say [italic type]clean controls[roman type]. Simply [italic type]open lower deck door[roman type] while the object you’ll clean them with is in your posession; we’re smart enough to figure it out![default letters][end if]”.
Instead of closing the lower deck door: say “After the effort it took to open that door, why would you want to do that?”
Instead of opening the lower deck door while the player does not have the Compressed Air Can: say “You need something to clean the door controls with. Anything but water will work!”
Before opening the lower deck door while the player has the Compressed Air Can: say “You first spray the I/O port with the air can. The grime flies out, unable to withstand the 300 PSI pressure wave, and the controls boot up.”

Lower Deck is a room. “This is the lower deck. Crates are scattered about, in complete disorder. To the west lies the Engine Room, while to the north, a hole yawns wide where half the ship used to be.”
Cracked Crate is here. It is an openable, closed container. “A slightly cracked [bold type]crate[roman type] lies on the ground - you may be able to pry it open with something.”.
Pickaxe is inside the cracked crate. “This pickaxe is designed to be used to break open rocks, or dig holes.”
Laser Refractor is inside cracked crate. “This is a laser refractor, designed to alter the composition of laser beams.”
Instead of taking cracked crate, say “You can’t possibly carry that around with you!”
Instead of opening cracked crate when the player does not have broken rebar, say “You need something to pry it open with…”
Before opening cracked crate when the player has broken rebar, say “You fit the piece of broken rebar into the crate and shove hard on the end. The crate falls open.”
Instead of closing cracked crate, say “The top has come off, you can’t possibly close it now!”

Lower Deck Door is east of Engine Room and west of Lower Deck. It is a door. It is openable and closed. “The door to the Lower Deck is set into the wall. [if lower deck door is open] It is open. [else] It is closed. [end if]”


It seems the letter colouring is the culprit: comment them out and the problem disappears. I guess you need to go into the settings and choose Glulx for your story file format. But, as the Basic Screen Effects letter colouring doesn’t work in Glulx, you also then need to use the Glulx Text Effects extension (rather than Basic Screen Effects) to set the colour of the letters.

Thank you very much!