Other people in I7

I’m practicing my code and decided to introduce a prisoner. For extra clarity, here is the scene:

The prison cell is in the bedroom. The cell is enterable, openable, transparent, closed,lockable and locked. The matching key of the prison cell is the Cell Key. “There is a cell near you. Within it is a man named Dave.”
Dave is a man in the prison cell. “Dave looks like he’s in pain. You should free him.”
The Cell Key is on the desk. “The key lies next to the cell.” The description is “This could be used to free Dave.”

The player is able to unlock and open the cell, but I want Dave to exit the cell when this happens. I also want the player to be able to talk to Dave.

How would I do this?

Also, would it be possible for me to teleport the player after a certain amount of time?

The built-in ask/tell functions will let you talk to Dave; you just need to add responses (Instead of asking Dave about “cell”, say “‘I’ve been in here for ten years!’”, etc). If you want a more general conversation, you might add a “talk to” function.

You can just teleport Dave into the room (After opening the cell: now Dave is in the bedroom), but if you want him to walk around more and seem more natural, use the “best route” functionality (chapter 6.14).

Teleporting the player is as easy as ‘At [time]: now the player is in [the destination].’