OT: tip for making a ZIP file of extensions, on Mac

So I shuttle extensions I work on between computers, one being a Mac and one being Windows, via email. But when I select two dozen .i7x files in Mac’s Finder and “Create Archive”, the resulting file is like 2MB in size! For two dozen text files!

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, I just installed GrimRipper which can “delete the resource fork” of a Mac file. Right-clicking on an .i7x file that seems a little sizable for text – 50KB or more per file, for example – will show an option in the pop-up menu to “Delete Resource Fork”. And voilá, the .i7x file is now 4KB or 8KB in size.

And the resulting .ZIP archive is barely over 100K in size, less than one tenth of its earlier size.

Just thought I’d share.

I prefer using YemuZip that just leaves out all that metadata. I’m not too comfortable with deleting system files that I don’t know what they’re for.