OSX IDE freezing, 6L02 on 10.8.5

I only just got around to downloading 6L02 on my computer running OSX 10.8.5. I’ve run into an issue a couple times now where the IDE freezes up. It seems to be happening when I try highlighting text, like I want to delete a sentence, and then think better of it and click outside the highlight, but I’m having trouble reproducing the error. The frozen state is such that I can’t change between the tabs, unhighlight the text, or type anything, but the system menu bars work.

Saving seems to work, and it’ll even save the changes since the display froze but not reflect the change in the stoplight dots, by which I mean the little red dot in the upper left still has the black center but when I reopen the file, it is as if my actions after the freeze did indeed happen. So it’s not the end of the world, but I’m hoping to give a presentation with it soonish and I’d rather not be constantly restarting the program during that.

To clarify, my question is: can somebody with more Mantis experience than me either add this or point me toward an existing report that might have clues about a particular behavior I can avoid?