OSX IDE crashing when viewing documentation

For some reason, the Inform7 IDE keeps crashing, and it seems to be linked to viewing the documentation. After I open the program, when I navigate within the docs, it seems like changing the page has a 1/4ish chance of crashing the program. I don’t think it’s linked to any particular page, though – I’ve been opening a test document, then flipping through the documentation, and a page that crashed it before does not necessarily crash it again. I deleted Inform and re-downloaded it at the site (6G60), and the problem persists. I don’t think this is already on Mantis, but I’m not very good at searching it (I tried words like “mac ide crash”). I’m on OSX 10.5.8 and have also seen some Finder-related flakiness lately, so that might be involved. Anybody got any ideas or advice?

Flakiness in the Finder is a bad sign. Do you see any error messages in the system console logs? (Console utility.)

Might be worth verifying the hard drive with Disk Utility.