Original Eliza source code

Someone has dug up the first version of Eliza from an MIT printout, and transcribed it. This is not LISP; it’s an early text-processing language called MAD-SLIP.

Overview of the project: ELIZAGEN - The Original ELIZA

Code discussion: The Original ELIZA in MAD-SLIP (2022 Code Critique) — CCS Working Group

Repository: elizagen.org/1965_Weizenbaum_MAD-SLIP at master · jeffshrager/elizagen.org · GitHub


It’s somewhat surprising that a refined form of this approach hasn’t properly made it into IF systems.

You can do a lot with rewriting systems;

  • You can make a parser from a contraction map.
  • You can make a generator, although you need some stopping criteria.
  • You can make a transformer, which Eliza is an example.

Seems like the things you want for IF.

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As someone who rebuilt Eliza from scratch, this is firmly within my interests.

@jkj_yuio I agree. In working through the system and implementing user-scriptability for Eliza, it struck me how untapped its potential is. It certainly isn’t a particularly “smart” parser, but it sure can fake it pretty well.

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