Open Sorcery: Sea++

I’m a bit surprised I haven’t seen any discussion here of @AbigailCorfman’s new game out on Steam:

It came out last week, Jan 25, so I guess I missed the launch sale, assuming there was one.

There is an ocean beneath our world.

You can sail it on currents of emotion. Worlds hang in it like bubbles–ephemeral as thought, or indelible as memory.

You wake up at the bottom of this ocean.

Your shattered memories dot the sand around you.

Reclaim and compile your magic or drown in a sea of dreams.

Open Sorcery: Sea++ is a text-based adventure-puzzle game about technology and magic.

Reminiscent of the old “Zork” and “Wishbringer” series (but with a more intuitive UI) it plays like an adventure game with a touch of resource management. Collect items and spells and use them cleverly to accrue power.