Open shades

I’m having trouble understanding properties of new kinds.

If I want to create a “shade” which can be open or closed, but which is neither a container nor a door, I seem to be prevented from using the key word “openable”

“A shade is a kind of thing. A shade is openable.” triggers an error

Ideally I’d also like the curtain (which is a shade) to be visible from both sides of the window. But I’m considering creating two different objects to avoid the scoping issues involved in touching the curtain from one side of a window and not from the other.

Yeah, inform’s a bit picky about the syntax.

"Shades" by "Testa"

The boardroom is a room. "Long glass walls shaded with vertical blinds."

A shade is a kind of thing. A shade can be open or closed. A shade can be openable. A shade is always openable.

Some window blinds are a shade in the boardroom.

The “open or closed” part of the definition gives the shade kind the ability to be in two states, (open or closed) and the openable characteristic tells I7 that the player uses the action “open” to achieve that state change. Obvious to us monkeys, but not to tin boxes! :slight_smile: