Online play!


Can a game recognize when it’s played on a browser as opposed to on a device/offline?

As in, if i want to make a game which gives you a save that can be used in the next game - that would cause issues for those playing online, and i’d like to alert them of this.

Can this be done?

You can’t do this reliably. You can pick up clues (i.e. the library version number) but they are subject to change without notice.

It’s best to post a warning for everybody and explain who might need to worry.

You couldn’t be 100% certain, but you can probably get close. Are you asking about Z-Machine or Glulx?

Back at the original post, I had assumed that any file an I7 game was capable of making during runtime would be saved locally by Quixe/Parchment if the game is played online? (I don’t know this but I had assumed it.)

So this also leads me to ask (Wes), what exactly do you mean by ‘gives you a save’? For instance, do you mean having the game write a file from a table? (like an unlocks/achievements/status file)?


Some computer games show you a hex64 code or a password that you can enter to resume without needing a save file.

I require a series of games to provide a save fioe that carries over.
Although being able to pick up in-game which platform is playing the game would solve everything.

“You are playing this online. For the full experience, get this game off ifdb and carry over your saves” etc

Well, even offline a “saved game that carries over between games” will really mean “an external file with some information that can be read by the next game”. The actual savegame file is useless for your purposes.

You may want to consider a password-based system. The sort where the password you are given is based on the things you’ve achieved during the game and which you want to carry over. That may solve your problems instantly, and I think is what heartless zombie is saying.

EDIT - Failing that, hey, just ask. “Are you playing this game on an online platform? Y/N”. Though if you go that route, Zarf’s advice to simply inform players seems easier.

I’d LOVE to use passwords.

Sadly the passwords I’d need to employ would be bigger than this post, including the quote from Peter, since there’d be a lot of stuff to remember.

Although, is there a guide on making password thingies?

It’s more than just a bunch of true and falses, I’d fix that with hexadecimal stuff that, in binary, shows what the story needs to continue. But there’s a lot of X’s where the Y’s are different lengths than the Y’s of different X’s.

Well, Flexible Survival does use “codewords”, and splits them up into three separate ones that make up a whole.

Elegant? Nope. Effective? Well, not really, by all accounts it’s a bit buggy, but the principle is sound! You don’t need catchy passwords, just a code people can copy/paste.