Online play of ADRIFT games is up and running again

Sorry to inform you that the ADRIFT games cannot be played online right now.

I have passed this information on, and hope that it will be fixed ASAP.

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Online Play of ADRIFT games is up and running again.

The two IFComp 2020 ADRIFT games can be played online here:

Just Another Fairy Tale

Return to Castle Coris (normal fonts)

Return to Castle Coris (Big fonts for visually impaired)


Thanks for making this available, Denk! I have now been able to play through one of the games, and will try the other one too.

There are a few things that I find somewhat frustrating with the online ADRIFT runner. Perhaps some of it is easy to remedy?

  • Playing a game goes slower and slower the further I get. I don’t know if it’s a browser issue or a server issue. Restarting and restoring seems to fix it, though that’s obviously not an optimal solution.
  • Text in the player window cannot be selected. This means I have to take a screenshot (or make a note somewhere else) in order to remember the name of the saved game, and it becomes impossible to copy parser responses when I want to remember or point out something.
  • The up button for getting the last typed command is not implemented. This is a feature I normally use constantly and thus my playing takes much longer without it.

Good to hear that the game was playable. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of advice to you, on how to fix the problems with the online Runner you mentioned.


  1. Some have reported it to be quite slow. I have only experienced it could be a bit slow. So good to hear you found a work-around by saving and restoring - I haven’t heard that before. I cannot reject that system and/or browser and/or location could influence the speed.

  2. When playing online on Windows it was possible to copy and paste text both when using the Chrome browser and the Windows Edge browser. However, it was a bit awkward. Normally, you mark some text and press CTRL+C. However, if you let go of the mouse button, the text gets unmarked. Thus you must press CTRL+C while you hold down the mouse button, which is not so practical. Once the text has been copied successfully, it can easliy be copied into the command line or e.g. a text document.

  3. You are right - that feature is missing from the online Runner too. Nor does “g” work in the online Runner. The only thing you can do is to copy the command before hitting enter and then paste it when you need it again.

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Thanks for the comments, Denk!

That did actually work. I got that feeling now, like when you look at a walkthrough and think “I really should have been able to think of that!”

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Yes, sometimes walkthroughs use non-standard verbs/phrases to better explain what is going on. As a consequence, the reader gets the impression that only very special commands are understood.

Example from Just Another Fairy Tale:

“Shoot pebble at the bees nest” is possible but not required.
The player can simply type e.g. “Shoot nest”.

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The one that had me stumped was “make raft”. I tried various ways to tie the trolls, to no avail, though I’m sure there is a different way as well, that I did not think of.

By the way, I just now discovered that it is also possible to play a locally stored ADRIFT game file with the online runner. Simply enter its path like this:


I didn’t know that - could be quite useful. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: