Online Highscore List?

Is there a extension or way to submit a high score in Inform 7 to a online database or table? So players of the game can see high scores of others and try to beat them?

Thank You

No extension I’ve seen, but there is an example in the manual of using external files to run an external service for a game, which basically is what you want to do.

See “22.14 Exchanging files with other programs”.

At that point you’re basically creating a small separate hi-score service that’ll interact with your game.

Some sort of simple HTTP request could be a good addition to Glk. Want to start designing a spec for it?

Maybe this is something Vorple could handle well?

I was thinking this as well :smiley:. Only problem is that Vorple for Inform 7 (Parchment) hasn’t been released yet. I believe he has begun work on the Inform 7 version but I could be mistaken :confused:.


That’s right, but the current estimate is that you’ll have to wait at least 6 months before you can do anything that’s even remotely playable, and even then you’ll probably have to make the JavaScript part of the data submitting feature yourself (that is, such feature won’t come out of the box).

If you’re good with JavaScript or PHP, and not worried about people manipulating the high score list, you could modify the IF Recorder plugin to scan the transcript for the score and save it to the high score list.

Oohh, tell me more about these Vorple plans!

Well, there’s not much to tell yet other than that the I7 integration is coming up soon on the work list, but what’s been done so far is mainly thought work (I should really write down the plans some of these days…)

I can’t wait to see how this translates into Inform 7…pretty excited because this will open up Inform 7 in all kinds of directions. Best of luck and hopefully something progresses soon:)