One Way Ticket hint request/user idiot-proofing

I’ve really enjoyed One Way Ticket, and I like the story and graphics and interface.

But I’ve gotten stuck about halfway through!

The line in the walkthrough I got past: Talk to the woman, in the end recommend the priest to her using the note about chess.

This causes her to leave and mention where she is going. However, the next step in the walkthrough says

Then go to the center and to the tram Center-West station, she is already there.

But I don’t see her there! I’ve tried lawnmowering the possibilities, and I’ve tried visiting after dark, but she doesn’t show up.

Can anyone help me here? Thanks!

(BTW, I recommend giving it a whirl for anyone who’s on the fence. Once you see how to use the items and information you have, it’s very intuitive!)


Hmm, that worked for me as described in n the walkthrough I think. Apologies for the dumb question, but you’re checking the Center-West station, not Central-South, right? It also probably needs to be day, if you’re checking at night for some reason. Not sure what else to try, sorry!


I got stuck at the same place, I hope you figure it out!

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This is really useful from both of you, thanks! There’s evidence the snag I hit was reproducible and bypassable. So either it’s a tricky edge case to check or a blind spot.

I’m enjoying things so much I may just restart and try again and see what works. I have ideas of what might need to be done, when.

My initial hypotheses would be

if you play the dice game too soon, or if you go back and play the dice game after the woman in the lake tells you she is going west.

Also, maybe cycling a day in your room causes unexpected instablilty.

Either is something that could trip a game flag or game state.

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The other thing that occurs to me to try before restarting is seeing if you can make progress on some other puzzles in case they act as triggers that aren’t mentioned in the walkthrough - now that I think about it, in between talking to the woman and meeting her at the station, I’m pretty sure I visited the inventor in the southern part of the city, and maybe even did a step or two of the puzzle chain that kicked off. But unfortunately this was the first game in my queue so I played it long enough ago I don’t remember the exact sequence, sorry!