one thousand and one whats.

Have you guys seen this yet? It looks familiar - Twine? Twine-ish?

Just thought I’d bring it up - seems like the sort of thing that goes around here. Except it’s supposedly an algorhythm… but I’m not convinced.

It looks like they’ve done a mockup with an Undum interface.

This is part of a long-running experimental program at Georgia Tech, to do with using crowdsourced human input to identify necessary and optional aspects of a given scenario (like robbing a bank), working out the sequence in which events must occur to be valid, etc.

It’s cool research, but the news stories spun around it have used headlines that exaggerate what is actually going on here. It is not an IF-writing wizard (at this stage, anyway).

Another “Twine-ish” thing spotted in the media: in the latest Adventure Time episode, Finn was playing “a modern game”:

His comments were - “Modern games are so intense. How do I check my stats?”

Ha, that’s great! I need to watch that episode.

Dang, that’s quite the parody. As a twine author, I don’t know if I should be offended at Adventure Time or amused (Answer: Amused, very very amused. :laughing: )

Someone should recreate this game based on what was shown in the episode.

Note that the game was made “by Charlie”, one of Jake’s children; “You’re worried about your brother. Mom still treats him like a child.” probably references her brother T. V. and her mother Lady Rainicorn - who does indeed treat T. V. like a child.

I think it’s a comment on how many Twine games contain strong autobiographical themes.

Hey, in what chapter this appeared?

Season 7, episode 31 - “I Am a Sword”.