One More Truly Dedicated Tester Needed!

(insert whimpering sounds) Okay, wait while I blow my nose.

I’m planning to enter “The Only Possible Prom Dress” in IFComp, and the deadline is creeping up. I’ve had two good testers, both of whom have moved on to other things, and three others who have done a bit of work, so the opening segment of the game is solid.

However: This is a Really Large Game. Your goal is to get your hands on the prom dress – and none of my testers has managed to do that yet. The truly daunting complexities that will arise after you succeed (for only a moment) in seizing the dress are entirely untested. I’m sure a few problems lie concealed in those sections of the game.

I put off finishing this game for several years because I knew it would be too large to be tested thoroughly. I was right. But I’m not giving up! All I need is one more tester who is truly dedicated and unstoppable.

You can progress rapidly through the opening: There are built-in hints, and also an informal chapter-by-chapter walkthrough. Also downloadable maps, so you don’t have to fiddle too much with pencil and paper. All you have to do is have fun and spot the bugs so I can squash them.

The game contains an octopus, a bartender, DVD-based music lessons, a stone angel, a wooden Indian, a bunch of hyperactive marionettes, a troop of monkeys, a ghost, a mummy, a miniature golf course, invisible pixies, a bartender, a fortune teller, a singing fish, and a Lamborghini, among other delights.

If you’re keen to tackle it, please PM me. Thankin’ you in advance!

(Oh, also, there will be a small cash honorarium for the most industrious testers, purely to show my gratitude.)