One Handed Adam! Update

So… As you may know I had an accident with a blow-up exercise ball (no joke!) As such I am currently operating one handed for the most part, so typing is SLOW. Just another event in the ongoing “challenging” year of 2021 alongside COVID hospitlaising my son, angina hospitalising me and now temporarily losing any real functional use of my left hand!

But just to say that we’re seeing a lot of vote action in ParserComp which is wonderful to see. I will continue to post reminders about the competition across social media to try and shore up as many players/voters as possible in the coming weeks.





Oouch! I’m not going to ask…

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Wow, I hope you will be fine soon.
Best wishes for you.

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So sorry to hear about this! Wishing you the best in recovery! Your contributions despite the struggles are deeply valued, and I’m so grateful for everything you’ve helped to bring together. Thank you for being you today.

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