One Button Travel

Has anyone played One Button Travel yet? I saw it featured in the iOS app store. It’s listed as interactive fiction?

The trailer looked super slick, but unfortunately it was short on details (and I don’t have an iDevice either).

I’ve started it and will probably review when I finish.

Initial impressions: it’s a Lifeline-esque game with CYOA chat and real-time delays, together with a fairly attractive and stylish UI. The premise is a little more interesting (to me, anyway) than the premises of Lifeline 2 or Timecrest; on the other hand, it’s using the delays heavily enough that I’m finding the intro a little frustrating. The person I’m supposedly talking to keeps going away for a few minutes at a time, making for a fairly disrupted play experience. And then I’m getting push notifications just as I’ve gone off to genuinely work on something else. When I was playing the game the other morning I eventually put it aside because I felt like it was actively adding to my stress levels. If we’re going to do the realtime pause thing, I’d prefer fewer, longer breaks.

But I don’t know whether those features will continue or how the story will go, so we’ll see.

Emily: is it a Pay per play game? Of the kind which if you don’t offer gems/other (which you can buy as IAP) you have to wait?
If this is the case, I understand it being very remunerative – although very, very, very disappointing.

According to the App Store page it is $3 flat payment, no extra purchases.

That’s good to know about the pauses. I’ve been waffling about getting it. I like long pauses between short tasks, like the game giving me mini breaks. But the second I pause from a game and get back to work, I don’t want to be interrupted 5 minutes later for a next step. But I assume the game will wait for you? Until you’re ready to return?

I actually haven’t played Lifeline yet, but I assumed that was true for that game – that you can’t go on until the AI has returned, but once he/she has returned, the AI can wait indefinitely for you to come back to the game?

Yes, both will wait for you as needed. I just didn’t like the experience of having to set aside my iPad after one or two choices (often no more than that), then get engrossed in something else, then have the nag pop up again. (I’m still only partway through the game, though.)