On Storytelling

I recently started following the blog of FILM CRIT HULK. The first time I heard about this hulk, I didn’t pay attention as I only saw a bunch of capital letters and hulkspeak. That was a mistake, as I later found when I followed a link to his article about how Arkham City is sexist that made a bit of a stir among gaming sites (followup here). This is an intelligent and knowledgable writer, worth reading. (Yes, it’s worth the extra effort to read the HULKSPEAK.)

The reason I’m posting about it here is that he’s posted a long article called Screenwriting 101, and this is of interest to anyone writing games with story as well as movies. There is a preamble posted that you should read first, and the articles linked in it. Then you’ll find the big article here: filmcrithulk.wordpress.com/2012/ … iting-101/

Thanks for the link. I really like it when you can spot a strong authorial voice, and if there’s anything FILM CRIT HULK has smashed, it’s that.