On making new zorkmids

I was disappointed when the effort to make new zorkmids fizzled out. See quendor.robinlionheart.com/zorkmid/. Is Robin Lionheart here? I emailed you a few months ago and got no response (trying again just now). I’d like to talk to you about working with you to pick up where you left off. I think we can get the funding to do this through Kickstarter or something similar.

This needs to happen. Shame on Activision for throwing speed bumps under it.

Maybe sell the coins at cost but run an associated donation campaign to capitalise on the interest generated. This ‘at cost’ thing is bogus because it probably renders a Kickstarter impossible without significant legal exposure.

I’m sure that Kickstarter’s cut of the fundraising can be factored into the price.

Yes but Kickstarter’s cut isn’t the main difficulty: any physical manufacturing is going to involve economies of scale, and since you can’t really place a cap on the number of donations you get via Kickstarter, you could very easily end up being accidentally profitable. Any significant popularity could open you up to a lawsuit. In fact, even if you find a way not to be profitable if you become popular (a ludicrous goal but you can maybe pledge the surplus to charity), any significant popularity will still pose the risk of a frivolous lawsuit that will probably result in the project’s cancellation regardless of the challenge’s legal merit.

I sound like I am throwing cold water on this, which makes me feel like a heel and I absolutely detest that I have to be put in this position by the task of explaining the reality of risk in an age of copyright overreach in which there are essentially no consequences for filing frivolous claims.

Frobozz Revenue and Customs might have something to say about your little money laundering scheme, too.

If I had my way the whole Infocom line would be re-manufactored, Starcross saucer and Wishbringer stone and Bureaucracy pencil and all. Bulk manufactore would be a bit cheaper. I’m sure that there are enough nostalgics/collectors (well, pseudo-collectors, since these wouldn’t be the ORIGINAL originals) who would buy them.

As an alternative to some of the eBay stuff. Some Infocom things on eBay are pretty decent, but most are way overpriced.

What’re the current conversion rates for the zorkmid?

If we take Isle-aux-Grues as the closest thing overground we’ll find to the GUE, I’d guess a zorkmid is worth the same as a Canadian dollar. Clash of monarchies, though.

Or for a slightly different reply:

According to lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic. … 48b61cfab7, 1 zorkmid = $157 USD.

I wonder if there’s a print on demand coin/medallion maker anywhere…

Ohh… now THAT has my mind churning. Suppose we find someone who owns one of those laser-sintering 3d-printers…

Shapeways offer steel, brass, bronze and silver with various finishes. Steel is cheapest but low detail; brass is the next cheapest with high detail. Quite expensive though: shapeways.com/model/1091711/ … eeper.html

I’ve been looking at some of the myriads of challenge-coin makers and it seems like I can get this done for significantly less money than Robin Lionhart was looking at.