on call extraction rules for zblorb story files?

Was wondering, is there a rules parameter in Inform 7 to extract zblorb story file at a specific maps? Like when in acting a special action and/or event, like entering a new chapter in the game, and then have the zblorb extract a txt or a png of a map of that area just in case you are lost? It would be a lot cleaner then having pdfs and image files all in a specific folder but in a zblorb file and extracted on call in my honest opinion…

I’m not sure what you’re describing here.

Do you want the game to write out a text or image file, to the filesystem, when an event occurs in the game? It’s not impossible but I think it will be awkward for the player.

(If you write out PNG data, it won’t have the right type or extension so the player probably can’t view it. Text data doesn’t have that problem, but on a mobile device it may be written to a sandbox location which the player can’t find.)