Ommiting messages

when player enters container i want to ommit all messages untill he gets out of container. i want to provide my custom say mesages and i dont want any other text feedback from game. i dont have clue how to make it so …i can add my say as additional message but not as the only one.

It sounds like this is an Inform 7/10 question - is that right? If so, I think you might want to write a rule sort of like this:

Instead of doing anything other than exiting when the player is enclosed by the container-name, say “You can’t do that while you’re crammed in here!”

(You’d probably want to finesse this a bit and add other actions, I’d assume - if it’s just a couple simple ones, you can just add them to the list of conditions, but if it gets unwieldy the easy thing to do is to define a kind of action and trigger the condition off that).


§7.15. Kinds of action AKA “unmaidenly behaviour