Omitting something from list of worn items

Is it possible to exclude a specific worn item from showing up in “[a list of things worn by the player]”?

Based on my attempts at research so far, I’m guessing it’s not, and I’ll just have to use a lot of “if” phrases for taking inventory and limit the number of wearable items in the game.

[a list of things which are not the backpack worn by the player] seems to work.

EDIT: While the more natural-sounding [a list of things worn by the player which are not the backpack] does not.

Thank you. I’m still getting used to the syntax.

It is sometimes helpful to write definitions:

Definition: a thing is non-backpack if it is not the backpack.

Then you can say [a list of non-backpack things worn by the player]. Adjectives can be strung together more easily than “which” clauses.