Omitting contents of a container carried by the player

So. There’s a wallet in my game, and it has some useless junk in it. They’re listed in the item description of the wallet, but the player can’t do anything other than examine them.

That being so, I don’t want to list these items when taking inventory.

It seems easy to omit the wallet’s contents when its on a counter, I just did this:

Rule for printing room description details of the wallet: omit contents in listing.

However, I seem to have hit a wall omitting the contents once the player carries the wallet. I think the closest I’ve gotten is:

Rule for printing the name of an thing enclosed by the wallet while taking inventory (this is the mangled inventory display rule): omit contents in listing.

at least the results are kind of funny:

You are carrying:
  wallet (in your back pocket)
  a pair of jeans (being worn)
  a white t-shirt (being worn)

What is the right way to do this?

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There’s a “Printing inventory details” activity which is parallel to “Printing room description details”.


excellent. thanks!

just in case anyone comes across this, the exact language I used was

Rule for printing inventory details of the wallet: omit contents in listing.
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