Olivia's Orphanorium v3

Olivia’s Orphanorium is now available in version 3. This is the first version that really incorporates all the stuff that I really wanted in the game. Notable additions:

  • a command that tabulates the stats of your orphans (ye gods, how much did my beloved testers demand this thing)
  • some minor stuff designed to make the opening less overwhelming and remind the player about the ability to use ALL or multi-noun commands
  • a small multi-quest plotline

Yet to come is a genuinely balanced scoring system. For that I probably need transcripts of complete play sessions, so any of those are deeply appreciated. Or possibly I should just set it up in Parchment, though I suspect it’s the sort of game that would clunk horribly in that environment.


I think in my only full playthrough in the original version, I came perfect, which means there’s still room for improvement! Thus, I will be giving this another shot.