Older versions of I7 (should be on IF Archive?)

Just a note for those prowling through I7 code due to Source Code Amnesty Day – if you need an older version of the IDE (or just the compiler), they can be found at Downloads | Inform 7, and they should also be available at the Wayback Machine version of that link. Getting them to run in a suitable environment is left as an exercise for the reader.

I notice that most of these files do not seem to be available via the IF Archive. Would it be objectionable to submit them there? The total size of all of them together (every release for every platform, versions 4U65 to 10.1.2) is about 2GB.


That seems pretty large for files which are already available on the Inform web site. Graham’s site isn’t likely to go down without talking to us about how to preserve the info.


Fully concur and agree with Zarf, albeit I think that, considering the serious issues of backward compatibility, that at least the most used (and stable) pre-6L02/9.01 releases are mirrored in the IF archive…

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I’m sticking with my answer. Every release has backwards compatibility issues, and mirroring them does not address a serious availability issue.

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hence the “most used”… it’s very frustratring trying to patch a bug years after, whatever language is involved (someday I should attempt an census of I7 works released by inform 7 version/build…)

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