Older Parchment randomly reloads page in latest Safari?

Has anyone else seen this problem? In the latest version of Mac Safari (5.1), the version of Parchment that’s included with the current Inform 7 build will randomly cause the page to do a hard refresh just after submitting a command. This is not predictable/deterministic, and seems to happen maybe 1 out of every 10 commands. I’ve also seen it happen right when Parchment first loads up; so the page will reload multiple times in quick succession before crashing Safari.

I thought this was a problem just with a particular complex Javascript/Parchment setup I have for a WIP, but I just saw it happen on a student project using only very simple I7 code and a non-customized “release along with an interpreter” setup.

I’ve looked through the Git commits for the past year and didn’t see anything on a casual inspection that looked related to this. If anyone working more closely with Parchment knows anything more, I’d love to hear details.

I just saw some complaints about this in other web apps. (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) It may be something general to Safari 5.1 and the way it caches web pages.

Ah, interesting. Possibly this.

Sounds like a patch is on its way, but in the meantime, I can perhaps feel more justified excluding Safari from the list of compatible browsers.

Yeah, good catch on that bug report. It does look like that.

That bug isn’t relevant, Parchment doesn’t use @font-face.

Does it happen with iplayif.com, or with the latest inform7 files from Github? I suspect the problem is that it’s not stopping the from submitting the it is in, which was fixed in github.com/curiousdannii/parchm … it/347371f

This seems like something else entirely. I’ve never seen this happen and have no idea why it would.

If you look at the apple support thread which is linked from that bug report, you’ll see several duplicate bugs about Safari crashing on input fields. They don’t all involve @font-face.

I tested it myself, quickly, on my own web site (on a game with no @font-face). I got a Safari process crash after several moves.

Hmm okay then. That Safari bug might explain the crashes, but I’m still pretty sure that I fixed the reloading bug in April.

Just for reference the latest Inform 7 package can be downloaded from github.com/curiousdannii/parchm … es/inform7

When the Safari web-rendering process crashes, Safari tries to recover by reloading the page. That’s the symptom.

I think you can see the (segfault) crash log if you turn on the “Develop” preference in the “advanced” tab of Safari preferences. Or maybe that’s because I tweaked the OSX crash-reporter preferences. I saw it, anyway.