Old version of story is in play

In an earlier version of my story, I printed a particular message to my player (“You must leave the Cozy Parlor first.”) which used to appear if the player could not move in a blocked direction. I updated the story and removed the message. However, in the current version of my story, the old messages are still appearing. I searched on source text for the message, and even keywords in the message, and the search engine does not find them. I have re-indexed and re-compiled to no avail.
How can old versions of the story even exist?

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Are you playing with Quixe? If it’s in a browser, you may have the old versioned cached.

In my story, when the player moves through a particular room, his/her gold key disappears, as it should. However, while building the story, the key did not disappear in an earlier draft. Now, after releasing the story, my author’s version has the key disappear, but the released version uses the prior version, where the key does not disappear. There is no way for me to reproduce this “error”.

I “Released for Test” and got the same problem, and I think fix the problem. However, why would the release version be different than the latest authored version?

Do the two versions have the same serial number?

Good thought, but no, the serial versions are exactly the same.


When you see this problem are you playing in the IDE or in an interpreter? Which interpreter?

I hit the Release button and my story becomes executable in my Safari browser.
I think it is using the Quixe interpreter.

New info: I found that the message also shows up in author mode, and I found
how to suppress it. However, it seems to be part of the default messaging now–somehow.

My guess would be that the compiled version has not been updated, and the program you are running does not reflect the changes to your source code.

One way to test this would be to make a new Inform project (with a different name), copy-paste your current source code, and see if the problem persists.

Thanks. Good suggestion.
I can do this, but do not understand how this could actually happen.
Doesn’t recompiling replace my existing object code?

Clicking Release will, yes, unless something is preventing the file from being overwritten. Having it already open in an interpreter may do that, so make sure you exit desktop interpreters entirely before releasing a new version.

Or as mathbrush already suggested, when using Quixe, it’s highly likely that your browser is just aggressively caching the file. Try pressing Ctrl-F5 rather than just F5, or open the dev tools, go to the network tab, and tick “disable cache” (or the equivalent in your browser of choice) and then reload again.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

Other things to try:

  1. Clear your browser’s cache, and then restart the browser

  2. Try loading the release file in a different browser

Thanks. I have done that. The “deprecated” message shows up whether I’m in a browser or not.