Old version of Inform ATTACK?

Hi guys, I just tried to install the latest version of Inform but it broke so many of my extensions I just reverted back. The problem is I have lost my one working copy of Inform ATTACK from back then and was wondering, does anyone have a copy that would be compatible with Inform7 version 6G60 that they could post as the new one doesn’t work? Also, is this a good idea? I do want to keep the game I am working on up to date, but as long as it works it would be far easier for me to just use the old versions of these mods than wait for all the new extensions to come out and update every line of script I have. Can anyone help?

github.com/i7/ATTACK/archive/f9 … 8b0282.zip

This commit was the last one before 6L02, so should work.

Oh cool. Thanks! It’s compiling properly now but it seems like my encounters may need fixing.

Ok, I’m really stuck now - it turns out the flavor rules from the version of the manual I have now don’t work! I don’t suppose you have the manual for that version as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah sorry, we didn’t update the manual for version 4. Can you show us your code here?

0k, here you go. It’s just this copy pasted out of the manual with the tabs redone:

[code]The cave is a room. The player is in the cave.
The health of the player is 20.
A mace is a kind of weapon. The player carries a mace.
The goblin is in the cave. The goblin is hostile.
The goblin carries a mace. The melee of the goblin is -1.
The unwieldy mace is a mace. The unwieldy mace is readied.
The weapon attack bonus of the unwieldy mace is -1.
The player carries the unwieldy mace.

A fatal flavour rule (this is the fatal goblin rule):
if the global defender is the goblin:
say “[if the global attacker weapon is a mace]With a sweeping blow, [possessive of the global attacker] mace smashes into the goblin’s head[otherwise][The global attacker] land[s] a furious blow on the goblin’s head [end if], ending its beastly existence. Wow! A kill! You feel powerful.[run paragraph on]”;
rule succeeds.[/code]

The error is:

You’ll want to change that into a report hitting rule like this:

Report an actor hitting the dead goblin: say "[if the global attacker weapon is a mace]With a sweeping blow, [possessive of the global attacker] mace smashes into the goblin's head[otherwise][The global attacker] land[s] a furious blow on the goblin's head [end if], ending its beastly existence. Wow! A kill! You feel powerful.[run paragraph on]"; rule succeeds.

Here are some more examples of the new alternatives to the flavour rules from Kerkerkruip.

Thanks a lot, it’s working so far! Though I couldn’t compile the monster table to try it out (something about brackets) Do you have any more examples for that version I could look over?

Looking through the rest of Kerkerkruip’s code will probably be helpful. The changes for the 6L** version were mostly about the new verb inflections, which you can easily replace with normal text.

I did, but I ended up quoting out sections until there was literally nothing left. Don’t suppose you have a backup of the old one? At the moment I’m really just trying to reflavour all the messages to give combat variety, but I’d love to screw around with powers and special abilities too. Could you give me an example of what you mean by ‘verb inflection’ so I know what to do?

You can see some examples here: github.com/i7/kerkerkruip/blob/ … K.i7x#L531

Thanks a lot, that might be difficult to strip out though.

Given that the ATACK test dungeon is unworkable in the latest Inform, I also reverted back, and I believe I have a copy of the last functional iteration of ATTACK lying around somewhere. The flavour rules still work just fine for me. In fact, ATTACK (and my total love of it) is the sole reason I won’t update my Inform code.

question: Will the Inform Attack extension be replaced for Kerkerkruip Attack suite?

I do believe that “Kerkerkruip ATTACK” now is the standard extension; there is no more Inform ATTACK, and the new iteration of ATTACK uses properties intrinsically bound up in Kerkerkruip (i.e. body/mind/spirit leveling), which make it impractical to implement in any game that is not Kerkerkruip. :frowning:

Perhaps the creators will make a kind of “kerkerkruip engine” with the basics for any project.

Ideally we would still be maintaining Inform ATTACK separately. But when Kerkerkruip was the only project we knew of that was actually using it, it was a hassle to maintain it separately. Maybe instead we can periodically update Inform ATTACK. The mind/body/spirit stuff really isn’t essential at all.

That, I think, would be ideal. Just having a generic, that is non-game specific, ATTACK extension would be amazing. I’ve built a few games using ATTACK, but have no way of sharing them. So, just so you guys know, it is totally being used, and loved!

Yes. This must happen. Time … time … time …

Let me just say that if anyone wants to join the Kerkerkruip/ATTACK project and speed up this process, you’re very welcome. :slight_smile: And obviously, you wouldn’t need to tackle it alone!

Kerkerkruip is awesome and I love playing it, but I lack the skills to help update it. If you guys do get a version of Inform ATTACK working on this latest iteration of Inform 7, please please let me know. I am absolutely in love with ATTACK, and used it to make my last game on 6G60, which is basically just an expanded version of the test dungeon but with a fantasy plot, bonus material, and scenery. :slight_smile: