Old posts resurfacing

How come a lot of old Inform 6 posts show up under “Latest” these days?

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I think because they’re being moved to the I6 category, which bumps the “last activity” timestamp on the thread.

(These are threads that date from before “I6” was a category separate from “I7”.)


Looks like @otistdog retagged a bunch of old Inform 6 threads that were incorrectly labeled as Inform 7, which wound up bumping them.


…which is a very useful thing, so, thanks @OtisTDog!


For anyone unfamiliar with Discourse forums, one of the privileges granted to Regular members who reach Trust Level 3 (via participation, time spent reading and replying…) is the ability to assist with site organization. They have the ability to edit any topic’s title, tags, and can recategorize it. Say if someone new posts a Twine thread in General, it doesn’t require flags and PMs to the Moderators to get it moved - a Level 3 member can just do it with a couple clicks.

If any category cramps your style, you can to go the top level of that category and click the bell on the upper right to adjust your notifications for it specifically. If you mute a category, those messages also won’t appear in your individual “Latest” activity sort.

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 12.59.12 PM

(If you mute a category, you can still navigate to it regularly and read posts, it just won’t be bumped in “Latest” for you nor show any notifications.)

We really appreciate the organizational help our community members can provide!


I think I fixed the bump dates


Thank you, @Dannii. I moved a lot of posts, but only a relatively small number seemed to be “resurfacing,” as fredrik put it – the rest kept their original dates as expected.

I’m not sure what was different about those particular posts. At any rate, I’m done moving posts now, so it shouldn’t keep happening.