Old languages

Can IF7 be made to display and possibly accept dead languages such as greek?

Definitely - there’s a unicode extension built it (Include Unicode Full Character Names by Graham Nelson. “[unicode 321]odz Churchyard”). Look at the extensions section of the documentation.

This is an instructive example: inform7.com/learn/man/doc82.html

Parsing Unicode is more difficult, because all of I7’s internal command parsing usings byte arrays. Unicode characters don’t fit.

I’ve said that I need to write an extension to swap in Unicode (integer) arrays. I’ve been putting it off until after the next I7 release, but maybe that’s a bad scheduling strategy. (Sigh.)

Um. Greek is not even remotely a dead language (I mean, there’s an entire country of living people who speak, read, and write Greek as their first language. It’s even been in the news quite frequently the last few years…)

Well, there’s Greek and Greek, just as there’s English and English. Ancient Attic Greek (the Greek of Plato and Aristotle) is hardly a living language, just as little than is Early Middle English – neither being any living person’s first language. Modern Greek, of course, is live and kicking (as is Modern English, by the way).